High School education is perfect in so many areas that in order to truly comprehend its greatness, one must understand each of the aspects that make it so fantastic. From the grading system to teacher salary and student eagerness to learn, there are a wide range of qualities that make the high school education system the well-oiled-machine that it is. For preK-K. Simple app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. See a letter and the picture of a word that begins with that letter. Tap the letter to hear its sound. Tap the picture to listen to its word. No distractions on the screen help kids to focus on the basics.

That last list certainly is interesting. As a former recruiter who has read thousands of resumes, conducted thousands of interviews and hired or placed a LOT of people, I am always interested in job-hunting tips and tools. This is a very good starter list for someone looking for ideas and who has no clue where to start.

Absolutely true! They all had an easy go education and even if they had strived hard with the books, most of their career is irrelevant to their education. Or more to say, most of them followed their heart I guess which is kind of getting drifted with today’s curriculum….but still, it’s so unfair that some of us had to toil our way in and out of things.

Diversity of skills: a large population is likely to be accompanied by diversity of skills and talents. Various skills possessed by the different sections and groups can be harnessed for increased and improved production. I was homeschooled and have been doing fairly well – however, it is not for everyone, and it’s good that you’ve warned people about some of the pitfalls that can happen in some cases.

It’s good to create extra problem cards so that the game can be played more than once during a school year, with different problems appearing each time. Another way to vary the game is to use different topic categories each time the game is played. Once the cards have been made, they can be saved to use during the next school year. The first year of the game is the hardest for the teacher.Education

I ask the students to play scavenger hunts in groups. Descriptions of information that students need to collect can be written on index cards. I find that the best way to run the hunt is for one person to mind a table with a pile of question cards for each group of students and for the students who are playing the game to go to the table when they need a card. It helps if the table minder is someone other than the subject teacher so that the teacher is free to monitor student behavior.