The Place to Go Online if You Are a Hippie, Bohemian, or Free Spirit in Need of Employment! In the ‘dump and replace’ age – many jobs requiring technical training have gone. Very few computers are repaired any more – broken ones are simply replaced under warrantee. For older machines the faulty circuit boards are simply replaced. Often a repairer will simply replace each of the circuit boards in turn until the computer of peripheral works.Education

The gender wage gap still exists though it can appear to be less of a problem than it really is. This is due to more women with college degrees ultimately earning more than their less educated male counterparts such that the gender wage gap appears to have significantly narrowed. However, if men were achieving the same level of education at the same numbers as women, men would be earning on average 4 to 5 percent more than women given they are paid more for the same jobs and with the right education are more likely to be hired for advanced positions than women. Additionally, men’s unemployment rate would be one half to one percent lower than women’s rate.

This is an excellent Hub. Just to be educated does not make a whole person. It takes much as you said. You are lousy at business. You may have a job or might have taken some college business classes but you have little or no real-world experience running your own business.

Inter-tribal war: In the 19th century, inter-tribal wars in Yorubaland led to the death of many people. Somalia, Liberia, and Sierra Leone are now being depleted of population because of wars. My own belief is that most people have little to no understanding of wealth and the roles that money may (or may not) play in the creation of wealth. Control, education, leverage, responsibility, and action are all critically important.

Thanks for publishing this lens! This is a topic near and dear to me. Having been homeless myself at a few points in time, and having friends that still are (and not for any lack of trying); I understand the challenges that homelessness, and poverty in general, poses. When people turn a blind eye to their neighbors, I wonder if they realize how quickly they themselves could fall into the same situation. A medical emergency, lack of health care-coverage….etc. could easily put folks on the street. A bad day at the office is a hundred times easier than a good day at the shelter (if you are lucky enough to get a bed at one)!You presented your information in a concise, informative, and non-judgmental manner. Kudos to you!

Explore the Human Body , from National Geographic, takes you on a journey through the brain, heart, digestive system, lungs, and skin. This website has the best simulations of these body systems at work. Your vignettes are like an art journal. I really liked the drawings and colours.