The Greeks created the world’s first democracy. Athens first started out with a monarchy and then advanced to an oligarchy until it finally reached a democracy. The democratic government consisted of 6,000 assembly members, all of whom were adult male citizens. The assembly voted on issues throughout Athens. In order for a law to pass, the number of votes needed to be a majority. But in order to banish or exile someone, all 6,000 votes were needed. If what you need is fast, accurate facts about a country, take a look at the CIA World Factbook Here you’ll find brief facts about all of the countries of the world. The information provided is at the country level only. There is no information at the state or provincial level of a country.

I would not have put the above statement into this hub because it is simply not true. Education is about liberation and not indoctrination but you can only enhance on freedom because freedom is an impossibility. Nothing is free and anybody who thinks carefully about freedom will know they need certain things in their life to even have a life so can never truly be free.Education

Population census is a means of collecting and publishing the demographic, social, and economic data of all the persons in a country at a particular time. It inventories the age, sex, occupational status, religious affiliation, marital status and educational status of all the country’s citizens.

Internet Public LIbrary 2 is a merger of the Internet Public Library and the Librarians’ Internet Index. In addition to its extensive authoritative search engine database, it has links on online newspapers and magazines around the world. If you need assistance with your papers, ask the IPL2 librarian, or browse through their frequently asked questions.

Sorry – should have replied here. I will answer all your questions in a separate reply and make the necessary adjustments to the article. I will ferret out the weasels (sorry – need some humor at this point) I do have research to backup everything I have said but it will take some time to get it all together.

That question needs more research as I am not in the position to answer such. However, according to one of my professors, it is the responsibility of every higher education institutions to offer additional programs that are commensurate to the international standards. I go with him in that because as I see it, most of our universities here in the Philippines still lack the capabilities of offering subjects that are more advanced or higher than the ones in the current system. With the general education subjects slide down to the basic education, universities can inject more specific and advanced subjects that are related to various degrees. I believe, it is just a matter of finding ways and we have a lot of ways in addressing such matters.