Legislators should improve or pass charter school laws, striking a balance between innovation, autonomy, and accountability. Age: generally, mortality rates are highest among infants of less than one year and decline gradually until the age of 18 when the level is lowest. After 60, the mortality rate rises again. I’m starting my own business and it is a hell of a struggle, but I won’t give up. Not ever.Education

Many people do take BPO jobs as a last resort, but then they do earn well. If you are an undergraduate and are willing to spend many years at a particular company, then making it to the higher levels such as assistant process leader, process leader and other higher positions is not difficult.

This is a really good article and I agree with Robwrite. I also want to add that we are all intelligent in our own way. This is why I do not agree with our current system of education. While one student might excel in math another might be better suited to the arts or maybe even building things such as an auto mechanic does. Why does our current educational system not encourage students to learn what they have an interest or an affinity to? Also, I would like to point out that the system fails students because they do not prepare them for the real world. Kids do not know how to handle a check book, credit cards, basic parenting skills and many kids today do not have a work ethic. I wish I had been better prepared to handle credit cards and other important aspects of being an adult and I might not be in debt today. I believe kids feel an entitlement that did not exist when I graduated from college. Thanks for a great hub.

It is not a well thought out process but an unthinking one. Intelligent and educated people have the amount of children that they can take care of and educate properly. It is an unintelligent and thoughtless action to have more children than they can possibly take care of and educate thereby reducing the family into poverty. Wouldn’t it be better to have small families so that children have the best of opportunities and socioeconomic conditions? Children in large families for the most part are impoverished and with that, their chances of success are drastically reduced.

Take a look again on the subjects the students are taking from Elementary to College. You would now realize how irrelevant many of them are… hence, a lot of time, energy, and money are wasted along the way. In other words, our present curriculum specially the K-12 is indeed a burden to a productive Philippines … if you view it on a macro-economic perspective.

Paradoxically, by shooting her, they shot themselves in the foot, because the case gained world-wide attention, and Malala, who was already known locally because of her resistance to the Taliban, became world famous, with thousands, probably millions, of well-wishers. This is how heroes are born.