The constraint of distance is usually solved by the simple solution of dormitories, but the hurdle of financial assistance is another story. Of late, especially after the commencement of this century, good quality higher education can be gained by people at an enormous value of consideration. In an attempt to provide people with costly but higher and specialized education, society and governments have made some effective provisions such as student loans, educational loans and scholarships. Financial aid is one such provision that is provided by the Universities as well as governments to aspiring students. An important step that comes into the picture is a financial aid appeal letter. As you can probably tell by the quotes above, I’m not the kind of teacher or homeschooling parent who requires that kids sit behind a desk doing workbooks most of the day. Yes, we do do some paper and pencil activities, such as writing and math (yet even when doing math we like to use manipulatives when we’re first learning a new concept), but we also do a lot of hands-on activities which truly engage and excite us. Current research shows that the brain actually learns information better when physical activity is involved. I learned this fact during graduate school years ago, but didn’t REALLY learn it until I actually found it to be true. I am currently putting together a book of active learning activities and games for kids to do along with parents or tutors, or in small groups at school.

If we make a simple survey of how many students enjoy studying at school and how many of them use the studied material later in life we would get tragic results that seem OK to us only because we are used to them. Kids hating school should not be the norm and the fact that we accept it as a normal part of life only shows how deeply our educational system’s inadequacy has screwed us up. It’s high time we faced the facts with open minds, spotted the problems and fixed them (which might mean throwing away the old system and starting anew). Education should be enlightening, exciting, and empowering, and not something that resembles a torture chamber in a dark dungeon. So let’s try to spot what’s wrong.Education

So we can conclude from this that GMWilliams thinks that all poor people are incredibly stupid and have large families and that all wealthy people are incredibly clever and have small families! That poor people are selfish and the wealthy are selfless!

I don’t have first-hand experience with the program, but they loved the Waldorf philosophy for the preschool years. They decided it wasn’t a good fit as the children got older (probably since their older child is a math and computer whiz, and the anti-technology philosophy doesn’t jive with his abilities and needs as a pre-adolescent).

First, there is no such plan, but second, and more importantly, every one of them except for two, wholeheartedly agreed that implementing such a plan would be a good idea. Remember to praise, praise, and praise some more! Give them FREQUENT RESTS and let them get up and move around.

We make frequent use of the thesaurus, dictionary and rhyming dictionary at Word Central This Merriam-Webster site is designed specifically for the K-12 crowd. The dictionary has a speaker icon that lets you hear the word pronounced correctly. All of the components give you links to the other ones when you look up a word so your kid has plenty of options to find the right word for his paper.