Wall art for kid’s rooms can do more than just decorate – it can educate. I find that posters are usually reasonable in price and easily interchangeable. As your baby grows to toddler and, eventually, enters school, your child can learn by being surrounded with updated and topical posters. From the basics of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, cars, farm and wild animals , as well as the ever-popular dinosaurs to the elements of science, chemistry and even guitar chords. Posters are educational art tools that are easily referenced as as teaching aids. All good points but also part of the Education Establishment’s Standard Alibi Package, which is used to keep saps in line. I’m up at midnight writing a paper on ancient Greek’s influence on modern society. I found this site, and I am nearly crying with enjoyment. Thank you.

Sadly, and all too often, teachers make matters worse by unwittingly humiliating them in class. They make their dyslexic children’s weaknesses public by for example, asking them to read aloud, or making wall displays that show how many times-tables individual children know off by heart! Believe me my son’s name was always at the bottom of that display! Teachers do this sort of thing because they know very little about dyslexia and feel deskilled.

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Yes, I am. I believe that educated women should not settle for a man who is uneducated. Now, think, what can such a man offer an educated woman? Nothing at all but socioeconomic misery and intellectual discord! What can I intelligently discuss with such a man? Nothing! I have to talk to this man in monosyllables because that is all what this man is capable of understanding! I am an educated woman and will only go with educated men, thank you. A man who is lesser educated than me will never cross my path! I am way better than that!

Even if the period of unemployment was caused by corporate downsizing, very few employers care to hear explanations. Absolutely, your experiences mirror my own exactly. It’s a wonderful way to learn! My youngest, however, is autistic so I expect some really big problems with the school boards testing policies and their applications to special needs children who are being home schooled.

Congratulations on a great essay, and I look forward to more in the same lines. Cheers! CONCRETE : Focus on the latest practices and advances in concrete materials, masonry, production, and plant management. Cognitive: Ever wonder how you think or how memory works? This field studies how the mind works.Education