Dreamworker is a retired educator who spent 26 years teaching in both middle and high schools nationwide. The website of the Los Alamos National Laboratory has a clickable periodic table. When an element is clicked, information about the element appears on the screen. Another aspect of thinking to become an author is that you don’t have to leave your current job. On the side, you can try your hand at writing a novel, or at least start by writing a short story.

Educational: Also known as school psychology, this field work with the school system to improve student’s success and wellbeing through an understanding of their behaviors and psychological needs. A friend of mine tutors kids with dyslexia. He says the kids retain more if they and their tutor walk around outside while studying vocab words.

The ABC Letter Tracing app is a colorful engaging game to help your young ones learn to recognize and write the alphabet. Each upper and lowercase letter has an accompanying picture representing its sound. And a gentle encouraging voice guides your children along as they trace the letters.

However, the move towards both Charter schools and online learning are two ways that help to address the first issue and eventually may be the only means for students to become educated outside of home schooling or attending expensive private schools.Education

I think you are a fabulous, supportive mother and I wish there were more like you. Your creativity in helping your son is remarkable, and your advocacy on his behalf is beyond commendable. Keep up the good work Adventure and thanks for sharing these important, practical ideas. Voting up and across the board.

These children also have little or no medical and/or health care because their parents cannot afford it. In addition to that, they also have poor nutrition because nutritious food is costly and expensive. Many such families must depend upon outside donations and charities in order to barely survive. It is the attitude of such parents that their children can make do and do the best they can. They are totally unfazed by the fact they cannot adequately support their children. They just have children without thinking of the socioeconomic, sociocultural, and psychological effects of their actions upon their respective families. Even when they are told about contraception, it oftentimes is ignored and viewed as unnatural. Let’s discuss this.