How to Choose a Life Coach

Life coaching is not limited to being a profession – it is an art form too. It has surfaced in recent years as a highly influential way that people receive help, giving them their personal “helper,” who partners with them in improving all aspects of their lives. It has revolutionized the paradigm of how people receive help with the use of a more client-oriented approach.

A life coach always takes a coaching session seriously. They think of it as a precious space for another person, providing them the chance to really be heard (maybe for the very first time in a long time), and in that precious space, miracles can happen.

The individual’s own problem-solving abilities start to emerge, and they realize that they can solve their problems without anyone giving them advice. Without a doubt, this realization alone can be life-altering. The person starts to appreciate things from a new perspective and digs into that part of themselves that is already aware of the answers. They take control.

Listening totally – that is, with undivided attention fixed on the other individual, is a requirement of life coaching. People today are rarely ever listened to in this busy world we’re all moving in. A life coach has a natural ability to listen. It is helpful for clients, especially when allowed to bare their souls fully, to have another person actually listen to them. Helping others in their quest for a good life needs more listening than speaking or teaching.

When a person is listened to with undisturbed focus on what they’re saying, they come up with their own solutions and decisions, and learn options they never saw before.

When selecting a life coach there are particular qualities you must to look for. A life coach with a lot of certifications may not be a natural listener well or have innate people skills, but another one with no formal life coaching background may have excellent listening skills and valuable insights to share.

As you choose a life coach, spend time to ask yourself these questions:

Does the life coach listen with their complete attention?

Do you feel comfortable enough that you can be fully honest and open to them?

Does it feel like they actually understand you?

Do you see them as genuine and passionate in the way they deal with you?

Do you feel like they really have your welfare at heart rather than some hidden motive?

A life coach should only listen and guide, not dictate how your life should be lived. They do should not provide therapy or consultancy. Remember, you are the captain of the ship. If you meet a life coach who starts telling you how to map your life, run away.

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