The Seattle Times Education section covers schools at the district, state and federal level. Topics include the University of Washington and other colleges; the Common Core and standardized testing; teacher pay and strikes; charter schools; school discipline; classroom teaching methods; and funding under the McCleary decision. Coverage also includes the Education Lab project. The public or private high school setting is the place most Americans learn how to relate to the opposite sex, and how the dating ritual takes place. If they aren’t dating they are still observing others who are. They are able to view good examples as well as bad examples, and real world parenting can happen. For instance, a high school girl is able to see there is a large pool of the opposite sex, and can begin to see what traits good guys share, and what traits bad guys lack – with some guidance from her parents. But, what a traditional student lives with everyday is only abstract to a homeschooled student. Only having a description of what makes a guy a good dating choice might make it hard for a homeschooled girl to know it when she encounters it in her youth group, job or college.

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I’ve just started playing Simon says with my son. It took him a while to grasp that you’re not meant to do things when I don’t say Simon says but he really enjoys the game. You can make it quite physical to burn off energy. Some things I get him doing are jumping, hopping, running around the room, spinning, dancing, touching his toes etc.

Games can be fun not only for students but also for their teachers, despite the work that may be needed to create them. It’s very satisfying for a teacher to see that their effort was worthwhile and wonderful to see the enthusiasm of students as they play an interesting game.

I built this page to answer that question, to dispel a few more myths, and to drive home the reality that it is something that happens which no one deserves or asks for. Parents of Special Ed kids now take their lawyers with them to teacher conferences to make sure that teachers provide them with appropriate educational plans, and schools must worry about lawsuits if they fail to comply.Education

In many states, it’s perfectly legal for employers to run a credit check on job applicants and disqualify those with poor credit ratings. As you can imagine, not having an address nor recent income, and probably past evictions and medical bankruptcies or past due bills on your record destroys your credit rating.