Pulitzer Center offers hundreds of free lesson plans, powerful classroom engagements, professional development opportunities, university partnerships, and a variety of exciting special programs for educators from K-12 through college and beyond that connect students to pressing global issues and the journalists who cover them. Great post! I am familiar with most of the DVDs you listed. I definitely like Sesame Street and Signing Time the best out of the DVDs in your list. My kids seem to enjoy them. Have you ever heard of MonkiSee though? It might be a little young for your older child, but the 2 year old might enjoy it. My baby loves it better than most videos I turn on. It is 30 minutes per DVD and teaches animals, colors, abc, etc… I really recommend them. 🙂 Just a tip in case you are ever on the look out for other education DVDs. Sometimes fun and educational DVDs can be hard to find. 🙂 Best to you!

Description: Designed for leadership staff the two management tracks focus on improving and building business strategies/tools needed to manage and strengthen your company for today’s and tomorrow’s success. Additionally, gain understanding of leading your teams and advancing your career skills.

For all the above reasons. I tried to vote in your poll – here and on another lens – but it wouldn’t work for me. It must be incredibly difficult for homeless people to get jobs with so much against them. I have tried to explore just one of those reasons in my latest book. I didn’t go into it too deeply, but I hope it will make people think. Your lens is certainly food for thought, and needs to be read.Education

Family dinner time gets shortchanged when parents and kids bring their cell phones, I-pads, and laptops to the table. Studies show that families who eat dinner together regularly reap the benefits. These include less substance abuse and delinquency, lowers rates of depression, fewer eating disorders, and a greater sense of cooperation and good will within the family.

In order to play the game, a student representative from each group goes to the table to be given the first card in their pile. Once the group has found the information requested on the card, their representative takes it to the table to be verified and is then given another card. The team that finishes their pile first wins.

NYC Lab School’s Out of Lab project encourages high school seniors to slow down and observe their surroundings. Here are two more great links for things to do and activities for your young child. This article confuses impoverished people with unsuccessful people. If you are looking to be successful, this may actually be beneficial. However, this article poor shames and paints a negative picture of those living in poverty.