We’re all about transforming kids into creators and explorers. We provide fun and accessible ways to explore real and virtual worlds, experiment with technology and use games to build math and science skills. The games, simulations and tools we develop in the Education Arcade are designed with the educator in mind. They use technology to create powerful learning environments in schools, in the home and in the community. But sometimes, being poor is a state of mind. Sometimes, being poor seeps into your brain and takes over. I have created this list to help show some of the destructive behaviors, mistakes, and ideologies that people fall into that may keep them from achieving success.Education

However, the move towards both Charter schools and online learning are two ways that help to address the first issue and eventually may be the only means for students to become educated outside of home schooling or attending expensive private schools.

What a great lens, a very touching and eye opening read. It would be interesting to see how people in a financially better situation would cope if they were homeless, would they have the same opinions? Sometimes no matter how hard we try life throws us a bad hand, as long as you stay positive and keep getting back up then your a winner. I hope it helps to make people understand a bit more about being homeless. Very nice lens.

Do you want to find schools in California? Check out the CA Schools mobile app With this app, you can locate schools based on your current location or by repositioning the map to another location. You can access details about the school including contact information, driving directions, demographics, test scores, and its California School Dashboard profile page.

More simply put: more money does not equal a better education. Better access to outside resources and tutors? Yes. But the type of institution itself doesn’t seem to matter. The only other alternative, if parents are unsatisfied with public or private schools, is to home school their children.

The socialization question is usually the first aspect broached by anyone questioning the merits of homeschooling. The traditional arguments surrounding socialization have all been done. This article, Socially Thriving vs Socially Depriving by Homeschooling Today is a good example of the typical article on this topic.