Are you looking for fun, creative ways to teach the continents? I have taught 5th through 8th graders and developed a number of fun games I can share with you. These games will also work with younger students. If you try to ‘teach’ kids by lecturing to them, they are unlikely to learn much. But, turn the lesson into a game, and they will be sad when the period is over. I don’t live in the UK, but I am in grade 11(16yrs old) and still have grade 12 to complete. (Also, since I left school in the middle of the school year, I wasn’t granted any credits for grade 11, which is why I had to do ministry approved courses online to get credits, which would show up on my transcript, and I could use that for university/college admissions).

Yes, but the really bad parents will blame schools, teachers, classmates, administration, sun spots, and Bigfoot before admitting that they themselves are part of the problem. Compare and contrast the population/resources situation in Nigeria with that of other countries so as to have an insight into the international dimensions of population and family life problems.Education

You definitely take some extreme sides in making the point that intellectual compatibility is important. But I agree. It IS important. If there is one thing I plan to teach my own children when they start to search for a future mate, it will not be to find someone as attractive, but to someone as smart.

P.S. I am so happy you came to my page and commented if it were for that I would of never seen this list. Carousel of Progress ~ (open only seasonally). This attraction looks at the homes of four generations of the same family from the days before electricity to present day. It shows how times have changed do to inventions and innovations.

Tony, you hit the ball out of the park with this one and it was very timely for me. There is more to a relationship than just the physical. Don’t you want a man that you can have an in depth intellectual discourse with and take you to fine restaurants(not McDonalds and other fast food places)? Well, I guess not!

In truth, the American education system is working fine—according to its original design. The rich and elite need worker ants to help run the country, and if everyone was equally or properly educated, they would have to share the wealth and power they’ve worked so hard to monopolize. People also need to realize they have options as far as educating their children. For example, in some states children aren’t required to attend school until the age of 12. However, that is no longer an option once a parent agrees to enroll their child into a public school (i.e. Kindergarten, 1st grade, etc). Then it becomes mandatory and parents face incarceration and other penalties if they refuse to send their child to school.