Controversy has raged among educators and professionals working with children with profound hearing loss about whether deaf children benefit from learning sign language. Whereas some argue that sign is the natural language of the deaf, others believe that sign may inhibit the ability to learn vocal and written language. Waldorf schools don’t encourage reading before the second grade and are slow with introducing academics. I have a friend who switched her son from Waldorf school after first grade and he didn’t read or write at all. It fits some people and the emphasis on natural wooden toys is nice if you consider it for a preschool but I am not sure about elementary school. My feelings about this school are mixed. I see a lot of snobbism among parents who sent their kids there.

I read all the comments above… I hope I didn’t miss any point. Except for the thoughts of Daniel Desembrana and comment of Cianeko (just above my posting), all other comments failed to focus on the link between K-12 and individual success or the nation’s economic progress. No one took a time to comment on the structure and content of both the traditional and K-12 systems of education. No one said something on whether the old and the present elementary, high school and even college curriculum have got added values on what an induvidual needs to be truly successful… or what are the pre-requisites for a nation to be well-off!

Not only that, but many businesses have become less flexible in scheduling because they know they can get away with it when people are desperate for employment. A business can require employees to have unlimited availability even if those employees are not full time when jobs are scarce. That means employees of such businesses cannot get another job to work in addition to the one they already have.

One thing we have learned is that there are many paths to gaining an education and it is good to be open to all options and opportunities. Try things out but never be afraid of saying, Sorry, this isn’t for us.” Education is a life-long experience and should be undertaken with love, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. If you can encourage your children in those three things, then you have succeeded far beyond anything a school could do.

I have not seen any responses in this thread that have even remotely implied that a match between a woman of higher education than the man in the relationship will always succeed or that a match between people of equal education will always fail. Those who have posted responses to the OP have used accurate, careful words to express possibilities: can, may, might, etc. But I have not seen the same caution in your replies to them.

Let me make it clear, my child benefited from all the work we did. She has just got her masters degree from a university in England , she got her BA from Boston University. She lives in multiple cultures. We are Irish immigrants so we shared our language with both our hearing and deaf daughters. She converses with her Italian cousins. She can also sign, why limit deaf kids. Reading can and should be the window on the world.Education