With a master’s degree in special education and five years’ experience, Sheehan made just $35,600 in his final year teaching algebra I at Norman High School. The first and the third groups are more or less dependent on the second group. The distribution of age group influences social and economic development. It determines the level of demand for goods and services. Industrial production is sometimes manipulated to satisfy the needs of the age groups.

An excellent article. This is an argument in which I frequently engage, that a degree does not make one educated, and a lack of one does not make one ignorant. Yet we are saturated with media that proclaims otherwise, and the trend of indoctrination prevails.

Fun Brain is exactly as its name states; it is a website full of fun that sneakily teaches kids important subjects. The site is easy to navigate even for young children, and it is full of eye-catching colors and characters. While focuses on games that are not all that they offer.

Additionally, the way science and math education is approached for girls has altered the education of females of all ages. The main shift in education in this arena has been from assuming that girls needed to be changed to better understand difficult concepts, to viewing schools as what needed to be changed. Schools are now being held more responsible for engaging girls in science and math topics in ways that make such topics more attractive (Scantlebury & Baker, 2007).

Thank you Nancy – you are so right. I really appreciate your visit and the recommendation. Have a great weekend. The drawback of modern education is that it is fully geared to the needs of industries, and is not concerned at all about the well-being of individuals or society.Education

Readiness to read varies greatly, mirroring the uniqueness of each child. Early reading does not signify intelligence or predict future achievement any more than early potty training equals a high IQ. Acknowledging that each child develops differently is key to promoting reading success. It takes skilled and experienced teachers to appreciate these differences among learners. Unfortunately, many quality teachers have become disenchanted with the one-size-fits-all approach that reigns in education today and have left the profession.