With a master’s degree in special education and five years’ experience, Sheehan made just $35,600 in his final year teaching algebra I at Norman High School. In my hometown, that is what runs things. Politics. If one of my friends were suddenly homeless, then the higher-level of people would have him and family into a great home with fixtures, him with a job, and all the foundations of life in 72 hours or less.

I had to borrow a lot of money for this endeavor, as I didn’t qualify for most scholarships. I didn’t have any extracurriculars to qualify me for sports or debate scholarships. I didn’t have a class rank, or a valid GPA to qualify me for achievement based help. I did get a small grant that was financial need based.

I don’t necessarily agree with the conclusion of the Atlantic article that students should avoid more expensive ivy league colleges though. I know people who have gone to these kinds of schools and they have a corner office with a secretary a couple of years out of college. So, I think these elite schools pay for themselves, if you choose a major that is in demand in the work world. Degrees for these schools can lead to 30% to 40% higher salary right out of school and a greater likelihood of finding a job, even during a recession.Education

Chicktionary for iPad is an award-winning app to help your children hone their spelling skills. Make as many words as you can from the seven letters on the chickens. Clucking chickens encourage you, and squawk when you make a mistake. This free version has 12 games. If you get stuck making words, give your device a shake to shuffle the hens. The Android version is available on the Android Market.

Today, there is a good deal understood about the state of education for women and how it needs to be altered to decrease stereotyping and increase knowledge and skills. Yet a more comprehensive understanding of the outcomes of improved education in light of the continued wage gap and glass ceiling needs to be obtained. In part, this might be addressed by a more detailed approach to examining education and increased opportunities for women as well as how education can help women bring about social change to create their own opportunities. Integrating how society and the employment sector views women with how women can be empowered to impact these views could help women obtain an equal opportunity to achieve their life goals.

This is not to say that there are no bad teachers or teachers with low expectations for their students. There are definitely bad teachers in America’s schools. There are also great teachers and others that run the spectrum in between. In many other countries, teaching is a desirable profession to enter. So, most teachers were high performing students themselves. In America, it’s far easier to enter teaching, which has created a huge variance in teacher quality that doesn’t exist in many other countries. Teacher quality is probably the most important factor in student success. Yet most American students will encounter several mediocre to poor teachers in their time in school. It’s very hard for the many good teachers to undo the damage that results.