Fierce advocates for the high academic achievement of all students — particularly those of color or living in poverty. Not agreeing but stating fact. Birth control and family planning is a foreign concept to the poor person. Planning of any kind is foreign to the psychology and prospectus of the poor person who believes in instant gratification and consequences be damned. That attitude explains the main reasons they are poor. They live for the now and refuse to consider the future. That is the culture of poverty syndrome. Wealthier classes believe in the future and judiciously plan for it. They practice delayed gratification, especially if they know that such delays would make their future better.

Politicization of census operations, leading to inflation of figures and falsification of information. Earlier physical maturation has more to do with good nutrition than anything else. But I am not sure what self defense has to do with telling kids how babies are made.

I noticed on Jan. 5, I had already left you my comment, but unlike the other writers, you never acknnowledged mine. Guess you were busy. Doing homework together gave me so many opportunities to praise my son for something real. Empty praise is useless, but a good piece of homework is a great way for them to earn praise that means something.

Treehouse is involved with a shocking amount of well-known characters. Your kids will love playing games starring their favorite characters. The site has plenty of games along with videos and printable activities. My favorite thing about this site is that the tabs have audio, so your kid who can’t read yet knows what they are pressing.

Children who are under consideration for eligibility for an IEP must have objective assessments performed to assess their present level of performance. A child’s academic, physical, and social needs are evaluated with various tests, and the results are compared to the norm.Education

You know what I am? I call myself a Freelance Creative Spirit. Why? Because I don’t have one job, I have many, and they all reflect the amazing things that I love in life: teaching, writing, music, acting, modeling, art, healing, and helping others. I am not advocating anything, just expressing an opinion and discussing why something might be so.