Yes, actually. My twin nephews went to a Waldorf school for a few years. There are pro and cons. I have a lot going on, so maybe you could ask specific questions. Firstly there is the issue of very under-qualified teachers doing their best to cope with a curriculum for which they have had inadequate preparation and for which the resources are also inadequate. All the news about long-term unemployed young people, who are burdened with more than $90,000 of college debt is discouraging some young people from attending college.

Bromine is too reactive to exist as an element in nature. It’s found in compounds instead. The element can be produced in the lab. Bringing education leaders together from across the aisle and across states, our gatherings provide opportunities to interact, learn and collaborate.

Special education has a jargon all its own. Even among educators, the terminologies are unique. Often, many of the terms are actually acronyms. This includes the subject of this hub, Specialize Academic Instruction (SAI). We welcome you and remain committed to serving refugees, immigrants and US citizens who have been educated in other countries.

But, since statistics relies on the normal curve, statistics also tells us that a percentage of relationships that have those same traits will not succeed and also that a percentage of successful relationships will not possess those traits. That is what the majority of posters in this thread have been saying.

Contrary to all of our dire predictions, the first few weeks of school were surprisingly smooth. Our daughter seemed bemused by the strangeness of it all; she came home every day like an anthropologist in the field, sharing dispatches over the dinner table of incomprehensible events. Somehow the language barrier didn’t seem to bother her, and almost immediately, glimmers of understanding began to emerge.

The confusion comes from not compulsary education, but the regulations placed on education, that part forces a Parent to make a Gauranteed decision. Say if you personaly are not trained as an educator, will you state let you home school? Those kind of rules is what I think she means, possibly.Education