Keeping the Grass Greener and Healthier A well-maintained lawn is a beauty for any household to have. The way you take care of your lawn will show in its appearance. There are basic things you can do on your lawn to keep it in good shape. Whether you are just maintaining a well cared for lawn or are doing it because you are planning to sell your house, lawn care adds value to your home. Lincoln lawn care is easy if your remember these few things. Mowing is the first thing you need to remember in lawn care. The height of the grass you need to cut should not exceed one third of the height of the grass. Leave the clippings behind in order to provide fertilizer for your grass. To maintain your grass in perfect health and green, mowing must be done regularly. Always make sure that the blades on your mower are sharp. Mowing should not be done in the same direction. If you cut wet grass, the clippings can form lumps that become breeding ground for parasites and germs that invade the grass.
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If you are going to choose a mower, pick the size that is compatible with the size of your lawn. Small mower for a small lawn. On the other hand, if your lawn is huge, a ride-on mower is necessary.
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The next thing to remember in Lincoln lawn care is a watering. Water is what keeps your grass green and healthy and looking bright. Water the grass early in the morning but avoid watering it too frequently. Soak the ground in such a way that the water doesn’t disappear immediately after applying. Another thing to remember in Lincoln lawn care is feeding. Grass needs to be fed also in order for it to grow healthy and keep looking green and beautiful. It is also vital to have your soil tested for nutrient deficiency. Testing also shows you what your soil is composed of, so you know if you need to add some soil matter to it. Spring or summer requires a different kind of fertilizer for it to become effective during that season. Summer and springtime lawn feeds have a higher concentration of nitrogen and a lower concentration of phosphates. On autumn season, low nitrogen and high phosphate feeds are in demand by the soil. To enhance the material composition of your soil, some additives containing fine sand, ammonium, and iron sulfate can be sprinkled on your yard to prevent weeds and moss from growing. The latter part of spring is the best time to use this formula. Aerating is another important thing to remember in Lincoln lawn care. The regular aeration of your soil is crucial in getting an ample supply of oxygen to reach the roots of your grass.