A Guide to Wedding Planning When two people who love each other get engaged, they yearn to prepare for a very spectacular wedding. It is not stressful anymore to plan for a wedding because wedding planning companies have been formed to handle this. These companies are many in the market therefore it is easy to find a choice that will please you. The name wedding planner is the term used to refer to these professionals. However, the wedding planning industry has a couple more terms that are used in referring to the specific experts who specialize in something. The professionals are the coordinators, stylists, event director, event producer, and wedding designer. The purpose of each expert is well defined and well outlined. Different wedding planners offer different services that can help you when choosing the best company. A wedding planner or producer will meet the demands of the clients, these includes all the expectations, vision and aspirations for the big day They collaborate with other wedding providers who will help in catering for the wedding needs and ensure the arrangements are implemented. Most wedding planners are accredited by certain institutions with a degree in hospitality management or other related courses. They are well versed with all procedures, manners and customs that entails a wedding. They are equipped to do the work. The fee they charge is from 10000 -40000. Wedding consultants are in charge of the supervision of wedding preparations. They actively plan and make viable suggestions for the wedding planning. They refer professional venders to their clients but the client is required to negotiate with them to get a good deal. They schedule events and regularly pay field visits to ensure things are running smoothly. Since they are less experienced compared to wedding planners, their fee ranges from 2500- 10000.
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The wedding stylists or designers or architects are responsible for making the clients’ vision a reality. They are professionally trained in interior design, arrangement of flowers and fashion. Their designs during planning will bring out the most preferred d?cor style. They charge a fee ranging from 5k to 20k.
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When the budget is tight, couples usually opt to do it themselves. The couple is able to save some money when they choose to do it themselves without hiring a wedding planner. It cannot be assumed that these couples will not run into problems. At this point some of them choose to seek a wedding planner to get things back on track. 45 days to the wedding are the minimum days within which one should approach the wedding planning company.