Education is one the important thing that people should have in their life. But unfortunately not all the people can finish their education while there are attend the schools or college. But in this time most of the people with a good education are very lucky in their life because they can have a better life than others. Here is some reason why we should continue for education. Resettlement schemes: people are arbitrarily removed from their homelands and resettled at the dictates of government. The resettlement of people displaced by such large manmade lakes as the Kariba Lake and Lake Kainji have had considerable effect on the people. Also, settlement integration schemes for health or security reasons in Nigeria have had considerable effect on the distribution or redistribution of population in the country.

There are options for several formats, including Modern Language Association (MLA), which is the type of citation commonly used in K-12 term papers and research papers. You pick the type of source (book, magazine, website, journal, newspaper, film, etc.). Use the auto-fill mode and conduct a search on your source. Once selected, the entries will be automatically filled in for you. Or select manual entry mode and a form asks for the vital information. You submit it, and voila! You copy and paste or download the citation into your bibliography. Or use the option to download and save your bibliography. Those options require free registration.

The questions in an element scavenger hunt need to be reasonably challenging and require research in order to be answered. For older students, a few questions that involve making calculations from data in the periodic table could be included. There also have to be enough resources for students to find answers. Resources could include classroom periodic tables and displays, classroom or lab displays, reference books, folders of computer printouts, and the Internet. The areas and items that the students are allowed to explore should be made clear to them before the game begins.

I too believe in education, but I feel that formal education misses many things. As a child I did not go to school and was working before I learnt to read and write. I educated myself by reading and learning to read at the same time. In many ways my education although informal was quite good as it was voluntary, diverse and included a lot of life skills. I am getting old now, and the skills I learnt by myself have been useful my whole life. I have worked in many jobs considered to be for University graduates only, (International finance for one) and many of my formally educated friends are very poorly educated in my view. My belief is that if one needs to know, knowledge is available, and the desire for education will win through.

Don’t. Unless they are absolutely ready and asking to learn to read don’t do any formal reading lessons. Read to, and with, your child for the sheer pleasure of the activity. Read, using funny voices for each character, make faces and encourage the child to repeat phrases. Discuss the pictures and point at repeating sounds as you read. It is also helpful to run your finger under the text as you read. Have story-time be an essential part of your day. Tell your child how much you enjoy it and that you can’t go a day without story-time. In this way, the child learns that books are wholly enjoyable and much more fun than TV. Soon they will want to be able to reproduce the experience for themselves, at which time you can embark on a reading program.Education

Home schooling is about learning through living and you don’t need a classroom for that. Doing the chores is usually an essential part of most people’s lives, so use housework as a way to teach without teaching, so to speak. Give your kid his own set of cleaning tools. Make up silly songs or rhymes as you sweep the floor or dust. Sorting laundry is a good activity for learning the basics of classification. Why not turn it into an impromptu art lesson by making a miniature (insert your child’s name here) out of their own clothes. I remember we made a life-size Dad on the living room floor. One of them drew a face to top the laundry figure and both kids rushed around gathering up shoes and reading glasses to complete him. They spent about an hour putting him into crazy postures while they shrieked with laughter.