Educators, students, and curious people everywhere — come explore the ocean and atmosphere. I am glad I found this hub, I am going to start my young son in home schooling this year and the questions are endless. He is four and in my state we have to use a required curriculum, however it will still leave most of the day open for his interests. He loves to grow plants in the garden, take apart and put electronics back together, and we started building a model V8 engine. I like your ideas of organic learning, and your thoughts on reading. He has no desire to sit down and write or read yet, but he already reads certain words from memory. This is my biggest worry is reading because it is emphasized so much. I hope that he will soon show as much interest in writing and reading, as he does in plumbing. Voted up and shared.

Even before the implementation of this k+12 system, most of the schools here in the philippines lack facilities. Poor classroom/teacher – student ratio. Come here in Mindanao and see for yourself that our students don’t need this kind of system, what they need is good facilities and comfortable classrooms. More funds not more years.

I received my Master’s online – in many ways it is actually harder because you have to do more assignments since you are not in a classroom. I have written a few eHow articles and one hub on this. The degree is the same though – no difference. It is moslty just a personal preference.Education

The modes of teaching are even older – coming from the Middle Ages. There is a teacher that tells you what to think and all your duties are to write it down. And if you don’t do what you are told, you are going to be punished. We need to read our textbooks and learn the dry facts as if we are 100% sure they are all true. Until next year somebody will disprove or expand our knowledge on the topic.

No, I don’t recognise you but it is funny that we have this commonality. I just became aware of the Thomas Jefferson concept recently but I had actually been doing it to some extent with my 6 year old. We have been reading classics and doing discussions. And I have just started having her do simple projects based on each chapter. So, reading De Mille’s book was kind of a surprise because he was suggesting what I had already been doing.

Eventsyoudesign – you hit the nail on the head, I think. The cookie-cutter approach is so unhelpful. And the lack of life skills learning is also, as you point out, a definite lack. I fully agree with you! It drives me crazy when I see parents like this just in complete denial. It’s not the school’s responsibility to raise your kids.