UNHCR’s report finds that refugees are five times more likely to be out of school than the global average. Only 50 per cent of refugee children have access to primary education, compared with a global average of more than 90 per cent. Teachers can open up subjects, or niches within subjects, that expose your child to something a parent hasn’t even heard about. This may become the child’s passion, and could influence their vocational choice and their lifelong happiness. Teachers or guidance counselors can help children understand the college application process and what opportunities may be open to them. This might be an area that parents are not as familiar as professional educators, as they went into a different college system decades earlier – or they didn’t attend college at all. Some homeschooled students graduate thinking that college is out of their reach financially, which is not true!

The problem of unemployment has long existed in Pakistan. Today, it is one of the main problem of Pakistani youth. Youth unemployment is giving rise to many social havocs. Social delinquencies are increasing rapidly due to unemployment. Youth are compelled to do any kind of work to earn money including criminal activities such as robbery, illegal drug trade, terrorism etc. We can say that unemployment in youth is also responsible for increasing rate of terrorism in country which is the main problem of Pakistan now a days.

Homeschooling today is much different from years past. Extra-curricular activities are offered through leagues in many localities, as well as, through 4-H, girl/boy scouts, and a host of other orgainizations. Curricula has changed significantly, with online video streaming, a wide array of DVD and computer programs and subjects, tutoring, and co-op homeschooling. One can be very adequately socialized without being in a public school environment. I find the reasoning on dating to be silly and lame. These are things that most of us do not sufficiently understand until we are in adulthood. I agree with the elementary teacher who commented that not all children are the same. You, clearly, did not have a positive homeschooling experience, but the reasons you stated are things that the homeschooling community have progressively worked diligently on and in most cases are mastering.Education

It used to be that a high school diploma was enough to ensure success in the workforce. These days, not even a college degree can guarantee a comfortable future. The competitiveness of the job market has placed more and more emphasis on getting an early start on the fundamentals to give children a step-up on their peers. Only the smartest and brightest students will have an easy go of it once they graduate from universities.

Students generally enjoy seeing what other students have accomplished and playing their games. I check the students’ question cards before a game is played. Sometimes the questions aren’t clear or have spelling mistakes. In addition, the answers to the questions (which I also ask students to create) are occasionally wrong.

Right now, in states such as Florida, young people can stay home and learn lessons on their computers that are taught to them by state certified teachers who make sure that the guidelines are met and students are properly tested and vetted each school year.