Music is one of the most common ‘languages’ around the world. People of all nationalities listen to, play, learn, and teach music and a variety of instruments. To become a politician, you don’t need to have any education and our constitution does not state any mandatory standards. But mind you that doesn’t mean that you don’t need any education. As our society matures, more and more young and educated citizens are joining political parties on a full-time basis. If you are in college, then join your university level politics wing or you can join any major party as a youth wing member.

My nine year old son shows some talent with writing poetry and likes to read funny poetry. He has two younger siblings. We haven’t found the time to explore poetry writing like we should. I think he’d love it and be good at it. I voted for one site, Welcome to PS4K. Kid poems and stories can be submitted and voted on. I added your plexo to my recent LOTD lens, Reading Starts at Home. I hope more people vote and check out your sites.

A piece of cardboard cut from a box makes a good game board. I gather boxes used to deliver supplies to my school and cut them into pieces, which I store in a cupboard for future use. The cardboard can be covered with a more attractive material, such as smooth, brightly colored card stock, in order to create a game board. The students often get very creative with board decorations, adding attractive and interesting artwork and embellishments.

tonymac04, You hub was in my line of sight. My schooling history was not reliable: I can recall (mid 40’s & 50’s) a handfull of teachers who were dedicated to their students, no matter there origin or behavior (recognizing children are what they live). Students smart or not received appropriate attention, not so for the majority.

Because without it we wouldn’t have a language, a computer, common sense, or even Hubpages! I realized decades ago that boredom is the mother of invention. It takes me a fraction of a second to go from boredom to choosing what next to learn, create, accomplish, and/or enjoy.Education

Congratulations on your Hub of the Day award for this very useful post on helping dyslexic children in their studies! Be the first to find out about new product launches, the latest technology trends, and early-bird specials for the 2020 show. My son loves poetry, and he’s quite the rhyming poet already. Thanks for this useful lens of poetry sites. Congrats on LotD!