Inclusive education is about the integration approach of the disabled learners in schools. It is under this inclusion model that learners with special needs spend most or all of their time with non-disabled learners. While inclusive education has its benefits, there are enormous challenges hindering its effective implementation especially in developing countries. This article briefly examines the following: Inadequate Educational Facilities, Poor Teacher Training, Poor policy implementation. I too believe in education, but I feel that formal education misses many things. As a child I did not go to school and was working before I learnt to read and write. I educated myself by reading and learning to read at the same time. In many ways my education although informal was quite good as it was voluntary, diverse and included a lot of life skills. I am getting old now, and the skills I learnt by myself have been useful my whole life. I have worked in many jobs considered to be for University graduates only, (International finance for one) and many of my formally educated friends are very poorly educated in my view. My belief is that if one needs to know, knowledge is available, and the desire for education will win through.

I have two children who have received services under the IDEA law. My older son could not speak and had a severe expressive language delay: at the age of three, he had fewer than 20 words in his expressive vocabulary. He received an IEP under the Committee for Preschool Special Education and received speech therapy services for approximately 2 years. After a lot of hard work and techniques to develop his speech skills, he developed age-appropriate expressive language skills and was declassified. He is now in a mainstream kindergarten class and thriving.

Wining and dining your boss while knowing which fork to use (elegantly kissing a$$ in other words) may seem the epitome of success to you, but loving the man you married for what he is instead of his social graces and book learning is far more important.

Learning about and being able to name the planets is just the preliminary step in understanding the universe and it’s vastness. It increases the imagination to know that there is so much more to our world then just our planet. There are also other learning aids, such as galaxies, suns, milky way, black holes in addition to just the individual planets and their descriptions.

That could be one reason. Another would be that they don’t see any good examples of how education has helped someone they know. Before I went to college, I believed it was just a place I had no choice to go to. Then I met the teachers there and heard some of the speakers, and my idea of education changed.

I like your thoughts as a teacherI wish to god that all the teacher’s thought changed like you that one size never fitted. Fatfist- Thank you for taking the time to comment on my hub and sorry for not replying sooner. Since Brainetics is geared towards the young, plastic mind, the room for improvement is even greater. The sooner you start your child on the program, the better.Education