Children become fluent in reading with practice, practice, practice. I’ve used these free, engaging reading games to hold their attention and keep them motivated. They are among the best methods for turning the hard work of learning to read into play. The latest news and resources from the Pulitzer Center education team, showcasing school visits, original curriculum, educational video from journalists, and other content that helps educators bring international journalism into the classroom. This section highlights Pulitzer Center work in middle and secondary schools, and at the post-secondary level through the Campus Consortium, our network of partner universities and colleges. Also featured here are our Student Fellowships—international reporting grants for university students.

Values like discipline, timliness and submission to authority, that we so necessary in a factory worker, are not that important to the self-employed, the freelancer or the compay staffer working from home, who form an increasing majority in all modern societies.

Studying the periodic table involves learning about the elements that it contains. When I’m teaching a unit on the table, I try to stress that the chart is not simply a collection of data but also a way of looking at the building blocks of the universe and of studying its behavior. All matter is made of elements or the subatomic particles that they contain.Education

Games and creative activities can be fun ways to learn about chemical elements and the periodic table. A course can’t be run entirely on games, however. Students need variety in the type of activities that they do in order to maintain their interest in a subject. In addition, a game may be effective for attaining some desired learning outcomes but not for others, so a mixture of activities is necessary. Still, well-designed games and creative tasks can be very educational, especially for certain students.

It includes things to do on rainy days, outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and role play ideas. I think it’s good to have lots of varied activities and ideas for those moments when you’re trying to think of what to do next. It’s also good to have a list so you can plan your weeks out in advance.

Another site I have frequently used for research with my elementary age students is If your 3rd grader needs to write about the customs, food and culture of Iroquois Indians, for example, this is THE place to find it! Mr. Donn has information on most social studies topics in grades K-8 and the site has won numerous awards.