Education is one the important thing that people should have in their life. But unfortunately not all the people can finish their education while there are attend the schools or college. But in this time most of the people with a good education are very lucky in their life because they can have a better life than others. Here is some reason why we should continue for education. Bravo! As an ex-teacher I wholeheartedly agree. Kids would always ask me why I, as a social studies and science teacher, insisted that they read and write so much…you put into words exactly why I insisted upon it. Still an educated being will share his/her expertise even without re-numeration. He’ll do it for free just for the sake of his countrymen to be educated, too!

Honestly if I thought that I could personally deliver an excellent education to my children I definitely would have, but alas there is so much that I still have to learn. Hi Amy, If you write a lens on women s grants or small business grants could you send me a link. I am very interested in helping my daughter start her own photography business in a building instead of always doing on location. Thanks!

i use clipart and biggest issue is copyright, have to be so careful to acknowledge source correctly. Even if a someone lucks out and avoids getting a criminal record, he or she will often be assumed to be a criminal and an addict if the applicant’s un-housed status is discovered.

My only experience with the US education system was the years I lived in the US, Illinois state. What I most remember were all the days school (even university classes) were cancelled due to weather. Being from Ontario, I was really surprised at school being closed so many days for what did not seem extreme weather to me at least.Education

Kids love to paint on big surfaces so if you have a large, easy-to-get-to window, protect the floor with a plastic sheet, provide some non-spill containers of cheap ready-mixed watercolor paint and let them have at it. We have a large glass door that opens right onto the yard, so I used to encourage the children to paint scenes relating to the season. We would leave the painted window for weeks and then simply wash it off when it was time for a new scene. Take photos of your child in front of his work.

You either need to supply each student with a chalkboard or pieces of paper to write their answers on, or you can give each one 7 pieces of paper with the names of the continents and they hold up the correct answer. Questions should vary in difficulty as you want every child to be able to move forward at least once, but you also don’t want them all ‘winning’.