There are many assumptions about homeless people. Perhaps the most common is that all of them are too lazy to work. Having been there myself and having worked with many others in the same situation, I have to say that for the vast majority of homeless people, the assumption that they are lazy is dead wrong. I’m sorry your life has not gone the way you wished it had, but everyone has regrets. Public education does not make a person immune to poor life decisions, or there would be no such thing as mid-life crisis. And public school doesn’t gurantee success in a college setting. Everyone has different learning styles and only a small percentage of students actually learn well with standard teaching practices. I imagine your parents made a lot of sacrifices to give you the education you had, believing it to be the best option. I wonder if your mom didn’t tailor your learning to suit your learning style, which is why you noticed such a difference when you entered a traditional classroom setting. I’m sure if you chose to focus on the benefits of your home education, you would find many things you hadn’t considered before.

According to Dr. Maree Madden, some educators and professionals fear that teaching deaf children sign and spoken language at the same time will be confusing to the child. Dr. Madden suggests that deaf children benefit from exposure to both sign and spoken language immediately after the children are diagnosed with profound hearing loss and are not confused.

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i’m against on k-12 program…how come k-12 graduates can easily found a job when in fact those collge graduates are still struggling to find a would it help our country when we still have the issue of poverty in our country and we still have a high percentage of unemployment in our country.

And I know there are alternatives. The students could and should spend much more of their time thinking critically, analyzing information themselves instead of just learning it, do real things, develop their talents and build quality relationships and communities. What we get instead is a river of dry facts, alienation and conformity.

To any readers, I have to tell you that these things do not have to be true. It is important to realize that the writer of this article is now thirty years old, and has been out of highschool, and thus homeschooling, for twelve years and a lot has changed on the homeschool scene since then. I was homeschooled from first grade to graduation, and have just finished my freshman year of college. Out of all the reasons Mrs. Amy listed, #1 remains the most true. But even then, with homeschool sports leagues forming and some schools allowing homeschoolers to participate, that is a bit of a shaky statement to make. Although it may not be the typical activities, my old homeschool group helped sustain the local 4-H branch and formed their own archery team. The trick here is to do research as to what is available to homeschoolers around your area.