Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: A Quick Introduction Machine learning is a field, actually, a subfield of computer science which as defined by one person, gives computers the ability to learn with no need of being programmed. The term was coined by the same person who defined what it is in 1959. The process of machine learning usually entails pattern recognition and computational learning which are all fields of artificial intelligence. This process makes use of algorithmic approaches to learn and make predictive suggestions based on existing data. Essentially, machine learning works on the premise of using a machine. There are minor dissimilarities between machine learning and computational statistics despite the fact that the two are closely related. The interrelationships that exist between the devices that we use on our day to day basis is called IOT. These things include but not limited to the smart devices, buildings and other items that are embedded with electronics. IOT works on the premise of bringing together devices for purposes of data sharing. The devices that are included for data sharing must have a protocol that can be used to control their access. With IOT, business operations become more efficient and accurate since the physical world can be incorporated into computer systems. Prospects are that in the near coming years more and more devices will be added to the IOT all around the world.
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Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, can be defined as that intelligence machines possess that is different from human and animal natural intelligence. It usually involves the simulation of functions that can only be performed by human such as recognition and learning. This kind of learning may include the understanding of human speech and even competing with humans in games competitions like chess, military simulations as well as in autonomous cars.
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There is a close relation in the three fields of computer science. They also depend on each other to work efficiently. Thus, there is no way artificial intelligence is going to work without Internet of Things and Machine Learning. These three fields are currently the most researched as they are pushing technology changes with a buzz. This is due to the fact of how useful the three fields have become useful when it comes to making predictions in accidents and crimes. They are also useful in enabling optimized productivity across the many industries that we have. There are a bunch of consulting firms which are offering insights to industries in these three areas. This has also been as the need for automation in all the industries in the market. This has therefore created a need for all industries to adapt to the three fields since it is the only way that technology is advancing to. The only key to surviving the market is companies adapting to the changes brought about by the three fields.