The LGBTQ+ Identity: A Toolkit for Educators Collection offers a series of digital media resources to help administrators, guidance counselors, and educators understand and effectively address the complex and difficult issues faced by LGBTQ students. Some children are primarily auditory learners, others are visual, and still others are kinesthetic. Why teach them all the same? Although it is difficult in a classroom setting to completely individualize your curriculum, it isn’t that difficult to include a wide variety of activities geared toward various learning styles. And although it does take some time and thought, when homeschooling parents or tutors change their curriculum to best meet the needs and learning styles of the child, more learning usually occurs and everyone tends to be happier.

What awesome ways for kids to learn the periodic chart of the atoms. This takes something from dull (to me, anyway) to exciting! lravidlearner, this is an excellent collection of poetry websites for children! Your little write up on each gives a good idea of how each differs from the other. Thanks for sharing these resources.

My son enjoyed drawing the sharks while I cut them out and colored them in for him. We then stuck everything down on a cardboard box. Every child has his own talents, irrespective of whether he is dyslexic. This Hub gave so much encouragement and hope to both parents and dyslexic children, and I am touched by its contents and the videos. This absolutely deserves a HotD, congrats!

Not all families could send their children in college, with the k-12 program, after graduating from senior high school, students have the chance to get a job related to their specialization or they can become an enterpreneur. With the NC II, they can become skilled workers where they can get jobs in abroad. Unlike before, pag high school graduate lang, mas mahirap makahanap ng work.

Poetry Websites section has a list of more than 50 interactive websites and lessons. They include forms, collections of children’s verse, websites for publishing children’s and teens’ works and lesson plan ideas and activities. There are also websites for helping kids find rhyming words and synonyms, and printable patterns for shape poems.Education

Based on statistics, children who are home schooled score higher on aptitude tests than their public school counterparts by a considerable margin. However, results vary depending on how involved and dedicated the parents are in regard to self-educating their children. Additionally, many people argue that children who are home schooled do not receive proper socialization compared to children who attend public institutions—although I haven’t found any evidence that supports that claim. In fact, according to an online article by Naomi de la Torre titled Are Home schooled Kids Really Lacking In Socialization, it is a myth that home schooled children are less socialized.