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If I live to be anywhere close to your age, then I hope that I can at least be half as brilliant as you are, Sir. I truly appreciate this article. Sure wish my teachers tried to make this fun. Great job Linda, I especially like the Jeopardy Board. Very creative. Voted up and shared.

Most people think this is the major reason homeless people don’t get jobs and that may be true for many chronically homeless people. Addictions prevent them from looking for work and from getting hired if they do. The perception that all homeless people are drug-addicted criminals is possibly a greater barrier to their employment than actual drug addiction is.

We muddled our way through the next couple of months, and suddenly it was time for winter break. Lighting Hanukkah candles with one set of grandparents and opening Christmas gifts with the other set, we tried not to talk too much about school. We had a two-week break ahead of us. Maybe we should embrace the unstructured time, the family time, the time for all of our minds to just … relax.

I have a feeling that you went out of your way to make sure that your child was not held back just because he was dyslexic, and you should feel very proud of yourself. Our own son had learning difficulties and at many times it boiled down to being patient when things did not go right the first time. Just like us you will get there in the end. Great lens, well done you.Education

These homeschool websites are all created to help parents with their homeschooling needs. Those looking for funding for a specific field trip should consider contacting the facility you are wishing to visit directly. Many traditional field trip destinations offer discounts and free admission for home-school students.