We’re all about transforming kids into creators and explorers. We provide fun and accessible ways to explore real and virtual worlds, experiment with technology and use games to build math and science skills. The games, simulations and tools we develop in the Education Arcade are designed with the educator in mind. They use technology to create powerful learning environments in schools, in the home and in the community. Yes, poor people see children as expenditure, extra mouths. Many poor parents make their children discontinue school in order to work to supplement family income. Average poor parents do not stress education to their children because they do not see education as viable in their socioeconomic situation. They see a job, any job as more viable than an education. They see the job as adding money while educatioin serves no practical purpose in their eyes. This is why many poor parents discourage their children from taking education seriously. To them, education distracts from a child working and helping out, adding more to the very meager family income.

The quality of education one has, comes less from the number of schools one has been to, and more from the intensity of ones critical evaluation of ones own intellectual ability to deal with ones emotional reality to clearly see what best to do with it so one can develop as a thinking being who values a broad spectrum of cultur one may wish to contribut to more fully.

From an early age movement is highly regarded and is an integral part of as many activities as possible. During the first seven years of life children learn primarily through repetition and movement. Most of my suggestions involve incorporating movement into your child’s day. This is one of the main aspects of Waldorf which set it apart from most other methods of education. Waldorf parents are encouraged to follow up with the philosophy at home. Here are some easy ways that all parents can provide their child with this kind of experience in the home for free.Education

Thanks for your commentary! Wow, I wish I had gone to school in Illinois (just kidding). The University of Washington wouldn’t close for almost any kind of terrible weather, the city would have to be in flames or have a massive earth quake before they’d cancel. As for the holidays…I remember during certain times of the year getting lots of days off due to different holidays and was surprised by that. The UW only canceled classes for weather 1 time while I was there, when Seattle got a huge snowstorm that stranded several people (even then they didn’t decide to cancel until noon-it took me 6 hours to get home!).

Yes, Loving life, making the best of it, seeing the joy in each day, empathy for others, knowing how to deal with all the negativity…on and on. Thanks for this excellent lens. It’s all too easy to point a finger and say why don’t they help themselves, but as you so clearly explain, its just not that simple.

This app for PreK-1 includes 500 words, including sight words, with nice illustrations. It has a word – object match quiz that reads the word to the child when they get it right. Each poem is accompanied by a brief bio of the author, background of the poem, and a link to more detailed information about the author’s work.