ACE and 34 other higher education associations wrote to the leaders of the House and Senate budget and appropriations committees, asking them to maintain Congress’s historic commitment” to financial aid and research in FY 2018. Sorry to hear that, Tamara. I don’t think it’s limited to the Croatian government though – the lack of teaching kids good ‘thinking skills’ is a worldwide problem. No point in stuffing their heads full of facts if they don’t know how to apply their knowledge. We need innovators in education; people with passion who don’t need rules and guidelines to inspire our youngsters.

I highly recommend Alpha Smarts ( since writing this Alpha Smart has stopped making these because people have lap tops these days which pretty much do the same job- so there are some bargains to be had! Construct-a-Word – Kids choose a word ending, then add beginning letters and letter blends to create a word bank.

Bruce, your use of the term socialist is a clear example of lack of basic education and basic critical thinking abilities or application. It shows me that you haven’t devoted even a single second to examining what you are talking about critically. If I were you, I would refrain from using terms I don’t understand. Your conspiracy theory take on this is as shallow as they get.

I love this Hub! So much truth exposed and explicated. To me, to be educated is to seek Truth. I am an autodidact. This is just common sense, hopefully the lack of response indicates that everyone else agrees. What you describe is just what people talk about when they say that socialization is an issue: dating and dealing with conflicts are part of what the word socialization implies.

The Act also prohibited children from working at night and stipulated that all children under 13 years old were given two hours schooling each day. Further limitations were imposed on the exploitation of child labour in factories in successive decades throughout the Victorian era, but it was not until 1966 when Britain adopted UN guidelines that the minimum legal age for children to start work was raised to 14 years.Education

SAI is far from perfect. And, in many respect, it hasn’t done anything different from its counterpart programs of SDC and RSP. It’s more of a financial and streamlining fix than a viable academic program. It doesn’t help students to move on to the general education classroom. In fact, it may trap a student there for the remainder of his/her school career.