Literacy is probably the single-most important part of education. Without literacy, all other learning is impossible. Literacy involves using reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing to gain more knowledge. Without the ability to do any of these skills, there is absolutely no way to acquire more knowledge. Literacy is essential for learning. It is crucial that language arts teachers are not the only ones in the school stressing the importance of literacy. While the language arts teachers may be the only ones truly teaching literacy, it is the job of all educators to facilitate literacy learning. Literacy must come before any other learning can occur, and we cannot grow as a society without literacy. You’re right Ana! If that would be the mindset of every Filipino, especially the education administrators and teachers, the implementation would be far better that what we expect. God bless you. You say that the poor view more children as ways of expenditure! That makes no sense.

I’ve been homeless off and on for 27 years. Currently been homeless 1.5 years living out of a tent. Great hub Tony. Education is a must these one does with it is the important factor. I read that Ted Bundy was brilliant, yet he was a psychopath who murdered women.Common sense is above all in my opinion. Thank you. You always write the best hubs.

With a degree in music education, a masters degree from the Kodaly Institute in Hungary and over 18 years of teaching experience, Aileen’s blog is a fantastic resource for music teachers of young students. It is not a matter of morality or religion-it is a matter of life skills and common sense…all to UNcommon these days.Education

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despite of the good contributions k-12 program contributes to us, still it is not enough reason to solve our education system here in Philippines. Excellent way to spark brain waves, my brain feels sparked, at least… But let’s not get carried away. You have given out a great way for the type of person who sees through bullshit to find a viable way of living. Thank you, thank you very much.

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