New skills and knowledge can spark a lifetime of change. Every day, EDC’s programs in education, health, and economic development deliver life-changing opportunities to those who need them most. A bias against educated people? I? I have a BS in Chemistry (not one of the fuzzy subjects that have no real answers). I possess a 4 year trade school diploma, and when I passed my journeyman electrician’s exam 14 years ago (an exam over half of the people fail the first time they try) it was with the highest score ever recorded in the state, and one that stands to this day.

At the same time may people have argued that higher education is too focused on jobs and has neglected the need for teaching broader aspects of education. Many have pushed for broadening medical courses into areas that teach doctors to relate better with their patients and to have business skills.

Another big problem is out of field teaching, where teachers are asked to teach subjects outside their area of expertise. The problem here is not the teachers. It’s the fact that there’s a shortage of teachers in some subjects, such as math and the sciences.

While she had friends who were doctors, lawyers, and other professionals, he had friends who were janitors, construction workers, and laborers. Want more sociocultural and educational shocks? As a highly educated and professional woman, she was interested in the theatre, opera, and other intellectual pursuits. He? His ideal of relaxation was going to the corner bar with his buddies, watching boxing, and drinking himself into total drunken oblivion.Education

Neither did I. What I am presenting here is an intelligent premise. You have studied hard and made sacrifices to obtain a college education and you are going with an undereducated person-that is totally illogical. When one obtains an education, he/she would( I hope-maybe I am from a different planet) want a relationship with a person of similar educational background. This would be the intelligent and logical thing to do! Why I am explaining this-this should be innate commonsense! Oh dear me!

I love you Wilderness! You are so darn smart. People need to understand what is important in life. My man chose not to go back to school and he is one of the smartest people I know. At no time do I ever feel that I am missing something based on our educational differences. I did feel like I was missing something dating educated men!