Filipinos are known to be competitive in the international community. However, our current education system hinders us from becoming even more competitive. is a simple website in image, but powerful when it comes to learning tools. I love how they have a particular tab for pre-K kids which makes finding the games and videos you want much easier. They teach everything from basic colors and shapes to some advanced math and reading. The games are great, but they also offer educational videos, arts and crafts projects, and books. I especially like the books because they have a button to press which reads the book to your toddler who isn’t ready to read to themselves.

My son and I haven’t done a cinema trip yet but we are going to go next week to see Toy Story 3. I think he’s at the age now where he will sit for long enough to be able to watch the movie and I can’t wait! Thank you for being so open and honest with your perspective on Homeschooling through your middle and high school years. It is so important to hear both sides of the issues.

As far as curriculum goes, you can get assignment packets from the schools in question, and there are other good resources available. You do have to be responsible about it, and not think that ‘educational television’ is going to cover it. (Can I express how boring that was? Ugh). You have to be willing to push your child out of his/her comfort zone, which usually means stepping out of yours first.

Oh no, there are gioing to be some people who will disagree with this premise. Even though you and I concur, there will be others who will argue and contest such a premise. Thanks, Wacky Mummy. Yes, I heard there was more stuff happening – I signed a petition. We’re still under the radar here, thank goodness.Education

Students need to plan their game before they start creating it. They should think about the type of game that they want to create, its design, and its rules. I ask my students to describe how the game works and to create a rough sketch of the finished product on a piece of paper before they start working on the real game.

Search K-12 and university-level lesson plans created by the Pulitzer Center education team and our community of educators. Great overview! You definitely boil down the foundation of psychology and its subdivisions. We had to study all that in our psychology:) Keep up the good work.