This writer engaged in extensive research examining the lives of black males and the educational system in America for a dissertation proposal. The findings of the research are detailed in the following paragraphs. I have to admit that I normally scan through lenses with heavy content…but your writing style sucked me in from the first line to the last. VERY nicely done. I feel like your lens taught me a few things I hadn’t considered before, and in my opinion, this is what makes a great lensmaster. Awesome, awesome!

There is no adequate support for inclusive education from the concerned stakeholders. In most of developing countries, most of the parents of the disabled learners are cautious about placing their children in an inclusion program because of fears that the children will be ridiculed by other children, or be unable to develop regular life skills in an academic classroom. This is mainly attributed to poor policy implementation. Many governments in the developing countries have not been able to effectively implement inclusive education policy framework. In some countries like Kenya, the education policy is an exclusively one-sided policy and fails to meet the needs of the challenged learners in inclusive education arrangement. One case in point is the endlessly controversial national exam, which fails to capture learners’ diverse backgrounds and needs (Sugiharto, 2008).

Thanks, Aunice (lovely name). You have nothing to lose and much to gain by trying the unschooling route. The Big Thing is having the confidence to carry on when it seems as though it’s not working. This whole park offers something educational at every turn. The Cast Members (Disney employees) here are among the best and can answer questions about the attractions, plants and animals.

The presumption that people equal a certain factor based on their given talents, would make a great module you could plug into a computer analysis determining their fate if it were feasible. But the human condition is one of development, determination and sometimes just plain luck. I know of a lot of really smart people who do really stupid things thinking they are in control of the situation.

If there ever was an explanation on how a steamboat works, in this fine example of the miss use of words in a 19th century newspaper then this isn’t one of them. Great Job on your lens ! Now I know where to look when my kid needs another poem to recite in school !

My three year old grandson was telling me all about the planets. He was really excited about the solar system which he had seen on an educational TV show. My daughter now has the planets in his room which are sticky wall decals that can be easily removed when he becomes interested in learning about something else.Education