With the internet, universal access to education is possible, but its potential is hindered by increasingly restrictive copyright laws and incompatible technologies. The Open Education program at Creative Commons works to minimize these barriers, supporting the CC mission through education, advocacy and outreach on using the right licenses and open policies to maximize the benefits of open educational resources (OER) and the return on investment in publicly funded education resources. Our work cuts across all levels of education (primary – secondary – tertiary) and sectors of industry (non-profit – corporate – government). Her parents, both highly educated professionals, warned her against marrying the postal clerk with the 9th grade education. But she did not listen much to her chagrin and peril years later. She later regretted marrying the postal clerk. While she eventually obtained her Ph.D in counselling, he never returned to school to further his education, preferring to be mired in his ignorance. Let me not digress. They had a daughter and the daughter saw this. Yes, their home life was quite chaotic to say the least.

Great question, Sheila. Yes, the school does ensure that students learn their ABC’s, as well. During the first couple of years, when the goal is for the kids to build a solid foundation in Mandarin, 90% of the daily lessons are taught in Mandarin, and only 10% is taught in English. After the first couple of years, however, the model shifts to a 70/30 balance between Mandarin and English, and then at some point later it shifts again to 50/50. My daughter is now in 6th grade, and about half of her classes are in Mandarin and the other half are in English.

I saw a blog post discussing the very same thing and my answer is the same – I’m 100% for sex education. The age – I’m leaving this to our experts to decide on. As long as you are aware that you are working with sweeping generalizations with many exceptions, then we have no disagreement.

Now, at 14, he types very well indeed, and up to speed. It actually didn’t take very long at all to master. Our CONEXPO-CON/AGG Education Partners worked hard to gather subject matter experts on topics that matter to our attendees. Thank you to our education partners for their commitment to delivering a quality education program.Education

Thank you so much for your kind feedback. I am so pleased that this article has hit the spot! I only hope it’s not too long!! Thanks very much for your visit. Homeschool Organizations such as the Home School Legal Defense Association are also a great place to start. Many of the organizations have special grant programs geared specifically for special need kids in low income families.

Periodicity in the periodic table is so pronounced that Mendeleev was able to correctly predict the properties of elements that were needed to fill in the gaps in his table but were unknown in his time. He arranged the elements by atomic mass, not atomic number, but he still observed periodicity.