As long as you follow the curricula and instructions and you are on time in submitting requirements, you will be fine. My friend was instrumental in organizing the charity, Friends of Tembaletu , joining with another charity, setting up a school near Cape Town, South Africa, to help to educate children with severe physical and intellectual disabilities – children who might otherwise have no education at all, as some of them are considered as outcasts by their family or have no family looking after them, and others who come from families too poor to send them to school and all of whom, sadly, were not provided for by the state. I have seen films of what they have been achieving to help these children, and it is heart-warming. The children, some of whom couldn’t even talk when they started school, are given one-to-one teaching, and, with appropriate play equipment and attention, learn to do things their families never thought possible.

Have them run around and burn off energy. Many indoor soft plays have cafes where you can watch them and have a drink. People are so busy demanding their rights that they are sucking school systems dry, causing teachers to leave and depleting the opportunity for other children to learn.

Did you know that being physically activity helps kids do better in math, reading, and academics in general? Visit the link above and/or watch the videos below to find out more. Your children play games to develop skills in letter-sound correspondence, recognition, alphabetic order, recognizing fact vs. fantasy, sentence word order, poetry and spelling.Education

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I was homeschooled K-12 and am now a college professor. My parents worked with us to provide many opportunities to be involved with competitions, extra-curricular activities, and educational ‘stretching’. I went on the graduate suma-cum-laude from a university that gave me a full tuition and room-and-board scholarship. I am married, have four children, and they are currently being homeschooled. On the whole homeschooling prepared me well for life, and I am glad that I was homeschooled. But you do raise some important points.

We dont need to debate about K-12. Im grade 11 senior high and for me K-12 is a big help. 2 years in senior high is like a traning ground for me to increase my knowledge and skills. Instead of blaming DEPED why dont we just support them. Come to think of it they will not implement K-12 if it is not for good.

Get all your three-year-olds soft toys or character toys and use them to put together a short puppet show for them. Then they can do a puppet show for you too. I don’t know education is important or not. But I came to know that there were some scientists exist where they don’t know what these schools are.