When we enrolled our daughter in a Mandarin immersion charter school five years ago, no one in our family could speak a word of Chinese. We have no family connections or ancestral roots in China; and in fact, we’d never even been to China—or anywhere else in Asia, for that matter. You might wonder, then, why we chose to send our daughter to a Mandarin immersion school … and what our experience has been like, now that we’re five years in. Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream ~ An interactive gallery that won’t hold most kids’ interest for too long. This attraction has a movie that presents Walt Disney’s life as a great example of the rewards that come with hard work and persistence. Great lens. It is good to read about all aspects of a situation. We homeschool out of necessity but I hope to be able to prepare my daughter for the real world after homeschooling.

I totally understand your point, labeling people is counter-productive and we should be very careful indeed. This is a very big important issue! When my son gets home we connect it to our computer, and we read through all his school work together, make corrections, and do our homework.

Education is a basic human right, enshrined in the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child and the 1951 Refugee Convention It is also a vital aspect of our work at UNHCR. Great lens… I know I’ll be using some of your clip art in the future! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much for your kind feedback. I am so pleased that this article has hit the spot! I only hope it’s not too long!! Thanks very much for your visit. Homeschool Organizations such as the Home School Legal Defense Association are also a great place to start. Many of the organizations have special grant programs geared specifically for special need kids in low income families.Education

I feel guilty not able to do something for them. I am very sad. Thank you for sharing. Great resource. I have used some of these places in the past, but good reminders and some new ideas. Thanks again and have a great day. Strategic and psychological satisfaction: more people will be available to defend a country with a large population.

Well I’ve tried writing poetry so much! And I’m good at it :-). My friends and my teachers appreciate my poetry. Lincoln and Einstein uneducated? As with politics, the rumor mill survives long after the truth surfaces; people believe what they choose to believe. I am willing to admit I am wrong when I am wrong, but in this case, well, dig deeper, I say.