Has your email changed? If you no longer have access to the e-mail address associated with your account, contact Customer Service for help restoring access to your account. We’ve helped out a few relatives when they were in this situation. The current economy is full of too many low paying jobs and too many part-time ones. Employers don’t want to hire full-time help, so they aren’t required to pay benefits. It is a sad situation and I didn’t realize there were so many that do work.

Don’t worry about anything… no point. Take it day by day and let him guide you towards the activities that he is interested in. You can easily demonstrate to him that reading is not a great big hairy obstacle by integrating it into the things he likes – we need to be able to read planting instructions on seed packets, for example. At the same time, I am convinced there is an optimal time for every kid to learn to read, you kind of have to feel your way into it. Good luck!

Oh, please. Natural wisdom does not mean anything. Natural wisdom will not get you that job. Formal education is the component that helps one get the job. Yes, there is a marked difference between a person with tertiary education and a person without such education. From what I have observed, highly educated, professional women who have relationships with lesser educated, nonprofessional men are quite miserable. Their interests, circle of friends, goals, and desires are vastly different. Also, a highly educated, professional woman who goes with an undereducated, nonprofessional man is simply looked down upon. People wonder what is wrong with her as she could not find a man on her educational and professional level or perhaps, she is so desperate for a man that she would go with any type of man. Educational and socioeconomic status are main components of a relationship.

I looked up the number of students in Illinois that go onto university. It’s about 55%. So, more than half are not actually college ready. Unfortunately, it is the case that universities are businesses just as much as educational institutions and these are the students that are most harmed by it.Education

For over 36 years ECE has been ensuring that foreign educated people are respected and recognized for their educational achievements. We welcome you and remain committed to serving refugees, immigrants and US citizens who have been educated in other countries.

A major change in the education of girls, adolescents and women has to do with accountability and expectations (DiPrete & Buchmann, 2013). Many educational experts have recognized that high achievement expectations for boys and holding boys accountable for what was viewed as under-performance was not the same approach taken with girls. Girls, instead, were traditionally praised for their effort regardless of outcome and comforted for under-performance. Achievement and performance beyond a basic skill level was not viewed to be as important for girls as for boys (Sax, 2008). Now education emphasizes reinforcement for high achievement, setting high achieving goals and expectations and accountability for under-performance for girls just as much as for boys.