A right to education has been recognized by some governments, including at the global level: Article 13 of the United Nations ‘ 1966 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights recognizes a universal right to education. 2 In most regions, education is compulsory up to a certain age. The more advanced Read Me Stories app provides a library of titles organized into series with topics such as Animals, Tales of Life, and Tales of Adventure. You can download the first title in each series for free. Then your child has options to listen to the book being read to her or to read the book on her own.

Awesome lens. I am a teacher and always looking for free clip art! Love this lens. I am adding a link to in on my lens (Freebies for Teachers): Freebies for Teachers. Will you link my lens to yours? Let me know. Description: The new technology track shares industry innovations and future growth opportunities in the technology field. Equipment Management & Maintenance delivers the latest in fleet asset management and maintenance trends.

Home schooling is about learning through living and you don’t need a classroom for that. Doing the chores is usually an essential part of most people’s lives, so use housework as a way to teach without teaching, so to speak. Give your kid his own set of cleaning tools. Make up silly songs or rhymes as you sweep the floor or dust. Sorting laundry is a good activity for learning the basics of classification. Why not turn it into an impromptu art lesson by making a miniature (insert your child’s name here) out of their own clothes. I remember we made a life-size Dad on the living room floor. One of them drew a face to top the laundry figure and both kids rushed around gathering up shoes and reading glasses to complete him. They spent about an hour putting him into crazy postures while they shrieked with laughter.

I agree that American high schools should have exit exams and that students should have equal opportunity to apply to colleges/universities or to pursue technical training. I have updated this article with several new research papers that discuss this subect.Education

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While teachers do contribute to the invigorating knowledgeable atmosphere in the classrooms, the students are the ones that really make it happen. In all of the classes I have been in or visited, every student is always focused intently on the teacher, absorbing all of the knowledge being taught with a passion that is truly astounding. I constantly am challenging myself to find a student that does not give the teacher his or her undivided attention but to this day; I have yet to find even one student with his or her head down, texting, or even staring off into space. Also, I am amazed at how dedicated the students are, as they come to school so that they can learn every day. I have heard of many instances in which the parents attempt to convince their son or daughter to stay home from school so that the student can sleep in, but the student will insist on going because they have a test that day, or even just because their determination to learn is too strong to be held back.