This is about how I help my son, who is dyslexic and dyspraxic with his schoolwork and with his self-esteem. As unpopular as GMWilliams’s posted facts may be, they are nonetheless true, statistically speaking. Statistically, marriages last longer when both parties are similar in a number of respects including especially religion, education, and views on money. Since money is the number one reason for divorce and since income is generally proportional to education level, it stands to reason that educational disparities can be a harbinger of problems in an relationship.Education

Direct instruction is an effective teaching method in special education but far less so in mainstream education. Research shows that early literacy is most effective when presented in an organic way throughout the school day: the children reciting nursery rhymes and poems, singing songs, dictating stories to the teacher, writing words with inventive spelling, listening to stories and acting them out, making meaningful connections between words on the page and real life experiences.

African-Americans lag substantially behind their counterparts in education. Such educational inequality for black males is a moral issue; a challenge to fairness or justice in a society in which education is the major public instrument for ‘leveling the playing field’ (Levin, 2007).

Education is essential for every human being; without it, how will one have a better life? Education is not a privilege but it is every person’s RIGHT. Everyone deserves to be educated no matter which spectrum of society he or she hails from. When every single person in the world is educated, there are better chances that each and everyone will be able to communicate with people better, hold better occupations, and get involved in better causes.

Population Education is multi-disciplinary in nature and structure. It draws its contents from major fields of study such as Demography, Natural and Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, and so on. It is therefore an embodiment of various concepts and messages.

I’m agreeing for the most part, although most of it is generalizations. The last paragraph is either talking about low middle class people or ignoring the fact that lower income people have access to better health care than a working middle class family. Poor families also have options for better nutrition through foodstamps/ebt/snap. Poor families have access to education through grants. I come from a small family. However I had two college degrees before my 20th birthday paid for by tax dollars. Thanks by the way. I became pregnant with my first child at 19, I wasn’t suppose to be able to concieve. I was poor, immature, and unprepared financially. My first child was paid for by tax dollars also. Thanks again. Luckily I changed my life and was able to afford and plan number 2 and 3. We are now a family of 5. My oldest is 9 and on a 6th grade reading level, and my middle child is 7 on a 4th grade reading level. So I do see some flaws in your analysis even though some of it is common sense.