I was so moved by Malala’s story and seeing her on television that I just had to put something down on paper. I wish that kind of education on every living person! Too bad it isn’t taught in schools and we have to be fortunate to find it ourselves or have a great role model! Education is fundamental to development and growth. From encouraging higher enrollment to promoting learning for all, the World Bank Group plays a significant role in education globally.

She grumbled as she practiced her Chinese characters at the kitchen table, and she griped as she yanked on her uniform in the mornings. Over and over, she asked us to explain why she had to go to this crazy school where nothing made sense. And no matter what we said, her eyes told us she wasn’t at all convinced.

I never much cared for what the world though anyway. I am a proud confident woman who has been with geniuses and trust me when it came to real test they don’t hold a candle to my man. I have dated extremely wealthy men and it’s the same thing. Learning about sexual (and asexual) reproduction is mere biology, and there should be no worries about teaching that in a life sciences class.

I refuse to believe any all or any man is defined by the school he attended. You are defined by character. I have dated educated men before and they weren’t have the man the uneducated one I have now is. You can help the HubPages community highlight top quality content by ranking this answer up or down.Education

So, if a player rolls a 2, he can fill in the word Europe or Asia in the correct place on the map. Play passes to the next person. If they roll a 3, they can fill in Africa, Antarctica or Australia on their map. If they roll a number and they have already filled in all continents / oceans associated with that number, they miss a turn. Play continues until someone in the class has filled in all 7 continents and 5 oceans and they shout MAP!

regarding for the question of racheal, if the use of mother tongue in teaching from kindergarten to grade 3 it be hard for d pupils when they enter grade 4 well, it may be if the teachers did not go further to the mean objectives of using the mother tongue in teaching.