Browse by education issue, legislation, search our knowledge base for any topic, even chat with us live! Even with a real estate investing education, there might be some bumps along the road, but this education will give the investor an idea of how to deal with these bumps without losing too much. There is so much more that goes into real estate investing than simply buying properly, developing it, and selling the finished product and all beginning investors need to know about these nuances before getting involved. Even more seasoned real estate investors are now taking these courses to refresh their memories and possibly even add new techniques to their knowledge base. All successful businesspeople will tell you to never stop learning and this education is one way to stay on top of things.

On the parent end of things, Treehouse may offer the most comprehensive parent website on this list. They offer a never ending list of arts and crafts along with recipes for the whole family. There are also tabs to check out Treehouse’s TV schedule and purchase sweet Treehouse merchandise.

Q. 3) I have met Dr. Harlan Lane himself (the person you quote). I make the effort to look at both sides and have been to both AG Bell/NAD events in my research for accessibility in local culture (museums, etc) because I feel that public places of tourism interest should be accessible for ALL types of deaf people (Sign/Cued Speech/Oral). Dr. Lane was incredibly rude to me and wouldn’t speak to me at all after he found out that I was a deaf person that wears CIs and lipreads. I’ve found that others, who were like me, got a similar frosty reception from Dr. Lane, regardless of the situation.

It’s easier for people to think that the homeless are just lazy and prefer to live on handouts. It gives people a sense of control over their own lives, thinking that it cannot happen to them because they are not lazy and do have jobs. Thanks for this lens. Very stereotype-breaking.

I think you have covered the topic of why homeless people don’t just get jobs with excellence, its a complicated issue for so many and our system certainly seems to had to the load of making it even more complicated for the homeless and others who have similar experiences, even more complicated. Done with expertise and excellence….blessed.

It is not the teacher’s job to be a surrogate parent to 30 kids they may not deal with next year. Their job is to TEACH. In the past, students who arrived unprepared, disrupted the class, refused to follow directions or didn’t do homework were sent home. Anyone who didn’t want to learn wasn’t bothered with. If things were run like that today, we wouldn’t have schools!Education