Thingiverse Education provides over a hundred free lessons that make teaching with a 3D printer easier and more effective for a variety of grade levels and subjects. It also provides a community where educators can exchange best practices or remix projects. I shall be completely civil in my response. I do not WATCH television at all. I read thank you! What I am saying is based upon experience and commonsense. The purpose of a college education is to have a HIGHER and BETTER quality of life and relationships, not to settle for an average Joe/Josephina when one can do better, Jeez! Why are people so content to settle for an amoebic, humdrum, barely surviving existence when they can have an affluently fantastic life? Well, I am totally nonplussed here! I thought that intelligent, well educated people want an affluent life-well, I guess not! Well, YOUR loss, not mine!Education

You’re funny, gm, funny and so sad at the same time. I really do hope that one day you learn some of what is worth knowing in this world, but it won’t come from a book when you do, and it won’t come from a college. It will come from the world around you and from inside you, from your own efforts to learn something yourself rather than having it poured in as if you were an empty pitcher waiting to be filled by the ladder climbers.

I disagree with you. I am in a relationship where my fiancĂ© could be considered uneducated. He didn’t even attend high school. I am an educated female but we have things in common. The things we don’t have in common make for an interesting relationship and an ongoing learning about each that that keeps the relationship from becoming stagnant.

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To assist the Federal Ministry of Education in making general education more responsive to the socio-economic needs of the individual and the country as stated in the National Policy on Education (1981) and within the context of the new 6-3-3-4 educational system.

The source of education is best chosen by the parents who know them the best!! Alternatives to the brick and morter programs are on the rise for the top choices for the parent who want their children to learn more than just what the state has to offer. If a child does not fit in the box…they are left to dangle on the outside! In todays economy, children that learn a little more than just what the books say is a good thing.