The Greeks created the world’s first democracy. Athens first started out with a monarchy and then advanced to an oligarchy until it finally reached a democracy. The democratic government consisted of 6,000 assembly members, all of whom were adult male citizens. The assembly voted on issues throughout Athens. In order for a law to pass, the number of votes needed to be a majority. But in order to banish or exile someone, all 6,000 votes were needed. Political stability: rapid and uncontrolled population growth leads to political instability because the government will not be able to meet the social and economic demands of such a rapidly changing populace. It takes you to other cultures,perspectives,views and makes you competitive in this ever-changing world we live in.Education

I have never really tried wiring poetry using interactive sites. I could give it a try though. This lens convinced me. If you can, vary the parks and playgrounds that you visit as it keeps it more interesting for you! I haven’t even touched the surface of the valuable information you’ve shared on this lens. My son and I will be back!

Why should college students major in STEM? Intriguing research suggests that it’s about more than career prospects and starting salaries. I find it is better to buy the old fashioned coloring books from target as opposed to printing them out – almost more expensive and time consuming to print them. Great list here thanks for the share!

currently working a semi-skilled ticket through a temp agency. if i stick with it and they hire me i could easily get off the street. i just don’t know if it’s really what i want though. You are trying to reinvent the wheel. Your system for success doesn’t have a reliable track record of working because it is new, untried, or untested.

Great resource. I’m a homeschooling mom working on writing poetry right now. Will definitely be referring to the sites on this list. Liked and shared! Told you there would be contesters and those who disagree……hmmmmm……… It is only inductive and deductive logic what I have presented.

Creativity : This is another abstract from the International Journal of Bilingualism. This study was conducted by a professor at the University of Haifa (Israel). Solving puns can be done non-competitively, cooperatively, or as a competition between groups or individuals. Children often like to make their own element puns and give them to other children to solve.