When I read about PBS losing funding, it irritates me because as a father of two I have seen how effective their programming is at being entertaining and educational. It doesn’t just stop at their TV programming, though; their website is unmatched when it comes to fun and education. Writing is a process. It is not a simple set of steps into which one can just plug information. Simply teaching the steps of the writing process is worthless. Memorizing the order of steps does no good. It is important to implement them and practice. The students need to see how these steps are useful and will help them. The writing process can be taught by modeling it for the students. That way they could see exactly how it works. While teaching the writing process, it would be an ideal time to teach the mechanics of writing. Lessons about grammar and writing mechanics cannot be taught as individual entities. They must be used in conjunction with the rest of the curriculum. Grammar and writing mechanics need to be integrated into the general curriculum and not taught as separate units.

Very Nice lens. Thank you. I know a few people who will benefit a lot from this. Technology is practically taboo. No TV, video games or electronic anything at home. Toys should be wooden. Actually, I write poems while writing in my journal. They just appear while I’m lost in the space of free thinking.

With the big push for early reading, educators are now teaching structured lessons in phonics during preschool and kindergarten. But research shows early reading exposure should focus on the affective realm, not the cognitive. Young children need to make an emotional connection to books. Knowing T says tuh” and B says buh” is far less important than making positive associations with books – those all-important feelings of security, excitement, suspense, comfort, and pleasure that turn kids into life-long readers.

Legislators and regulatory agencies should be wary of attempts to re-regulate innovative and/or private educational options, which could expose them to the death of the thousand bureaucratic cuts and sacrifice the freedoms that allow them to succeed.

Watch this hour long webinar with in-depth Q&A to learn about 5 free 3D Design programs that can be used by students of all levels. I hear teachers state all the time how the system doesn’t work. It does need a serious restructuring inside and out. Voted up.Education

Our family’s reasons for choosing Mandarin immersion aren’t particularly unique. There are more than one billion Mandarin speakers in the world today. China is one of the world’s largest economies, and it’s reasonable to think that Mandarin speakers might have an advantage in the workplace. In addition, China is increasingly influential in terms of global politics and environmental impacts, and a deep cultural knowledge seems important in terms of building connections and finding solutions.