Studies have shown that people with similar educatonal and socioeconomic backgrounds have a commonality regarding dating and marriage. They tend to like and appreciate the same things. This reasoning explains why college educated, professional women are better off dating men from a similar background and/or better. It is totally unwise for a college educated, professional woman to date a blue collar man and/or a man who does not have the same level of education that she has. According to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), some professionals in the field of deafness believe that if a child learns to sign, the child will be inhibited from learning vocal and written language. The NTID says that there is no published evidence that learning sign impedes the acquisition of spoken and written language.

read through some of the comments. in my experience I’ve had no problem getting work but I’ve always had valid documents and never told anyone my situation. as long as you’re capable of accomplishing the tasks of the job then i don’t believe anyone needs to know.

As far as curriculum goes, you can get assignment packets from the schools in question, and there are other good resources available. You do have to be responsible about it, and not think that ‘educational television’ is going to cover it. (Can I express how boring that was? Ugh). You have to be willing to push your child out of his/her comfort zone, which usually means stepping out of yours first.Education

Thank you for your comment. I think you illustrate two points I tried to make 1) Ultimately it is the child that will be left with the education you provide. The child may feel the benefited from it (you) or may regret the choice the parent made (me). 2) The homeschool education experience varies A LOT based on parent involvement, income, location, etc. To take all the advantages listed in homeschool cheerleading articles as true for your child is reckless. Consider what education experience you can give your child.

Great Lens. The key is to stick to a plan or a program. It’s hard to make up everything yourself.I got my kids started early to readbefore they ever entered kindergarten. I can’t overstate how much it helped their overall confidence level in all subjects. My boy started reading at age 3. As he entered first grade and they told me he was reading on the 5th grade level. Kids love reading when they can learn with no pressure.Diana S.

I feel like I have dyslexia because every question was a double question and the answers for each could easily be completely different. It made no sense?! I feel like a sane person in a crazy world- but, I’m sure I’m just a crazy person in a sane world.