With the advancements of technology in this digital age, it is really that important anymore for children to learn how to draw and read maps? Is the practice of map reading, drawing, and understanding even worth the time anymore with digital devices that contain GPS? Is map reading and drawing trending out of practice? According to an educational article, maps are still as important as ever even in today’s era of computers and GPS devices. According to the article, when kids learn maps they learn spatial reasoning skills and comprehension. Spatial skills allow kids to picture where objects are located in the speck of things. Take for example the states of Alaska and Hawaii. Most educational resources show these two states under the United States because they are part of the U.S. However, these states are not located where most text books show them. By teaching kids how to read and draw maps, they get a visual picture in their mind of where object such as these two states are actually located. According to another article, kids as early as kindergarten can learn a lot through mapping. Some of those mapping items that can be taught to children from pre-kindergarten … Read more