I think blaming teachers is extremely unfair. They are part of a bureaucracy with no real control over what to teach and how to teach. Teachers don’t control curricula, standards or testing. They have to make do with whatever materials, worksheets and curricula they are given, even if they believe that they are ineffective. They have to prepare students for tests that often don’t effectively test student ability. The belief that teachers are responsible for educational failure has lead to ideas like merit pay and compensation based on student performance. I know I sound just like a teacher, but reading is the most important thing you can do to help your child through life. You’ll have to trust me on that one! Here is a BBC Literacy article that talks about how research shows that fewer children are reading in their spare time.Education

The Periodic Videos website was established by the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. The website has videos about all 118 elements. What a fabulous resource. I’ll be coming back here again for sure! Congratulations on LotD. If you have any good ideas of things to do please add them below. Thanks in advance!

Children who are in the preschool age group will have assessments performed on an annual basis, and once the children receive school-aged services, the assessments are performed every three years (at minimum). Sadly, however bullying is the way of the world so we have taught him how to cope with incidents. The trick is to teach your child to tell to you about bullying, no matter how small, as soon as it starts.

Description: Concrete track focuses on the latest practices and advances in concrete materials, masonry, production, and plant management. Earth moving and site development emphasizes current business and equipment practices for large equipment contractors.

Let me make it clear, my child benefited from all the work we did. She has just got her masters degree from a university in England , she got her BA from Boston University. She lives in multiple cultures. We are Irish immigrants so we shared our language with both our hearing and deaf daughters. She converses with her Italian cousins. She can also sign, why limit deaf kids. Reading can and should be the window on the world.

By combining RSP and SDC, SAI courses have lowered the teacher/student ratio. Now, most students that were once designated as RSP are being fully mainstreamed. The remainder – often the ones who need additional help – will be in classrooms where they can get more attention from the teacher.